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One of the most prominent personal injury law firms you can find, Providence Law Consult is steadfastly committed to protecting the rights of seriously injured victims both civilians and military personnels With a focus on mass tort and complex personal injury cases, our firm has the resources to handle any case--whether simple or complex--while still providing individual attention to each and every client. Our experienced lawyers have the knowledge to guide you throughout the legal process to achieve the best possible resolution of your case.
  • Complex Injury
  • Family Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Divorce
  • Will
  • Criminal Law

Corporate Law

Once your new business is up and running, our team of expects will stand by you to help your business grow and flourish. At Providence Law Consult we started out 20 years ago, serving as corporate counsel and in-house counsel to businesses, large and small, assisting them with all issues that arise within their businesses including employment disputes, terminations/reprimands/grievances, policy manuals, collections, joint venture agreements, memorandums of understanding, and more.

Real Estate Law

If you are seeking for an experienced real estate law firm, Providence Law Consult is here to assist you. We represents clients in all facets of their real estate holding needs. We prepare conveyance documents (Deeds), encumbrance documents (Easements, lis pendens), and loan documents. Providence Law Consult is an approved and authorized agent for renouned and reputable real estate firms globally. This allows us to provide our clients with real estate transfer products and services, including Owner’s and Lender’s Title Commitments and Title Insurance policies, and Ownership & Encumbrance Reports. We serve as Title Agent and Escrow Agent in both large and small real estate transactions.

Criminal Defence

At Providence Law Consult, we know that bad things sometimes happen to good people. If you or a loved one has been arrested, call us to schedule an appointment. Our criminal defense lawyers have experience handling all misdemeanors, felonies and violations of probation, including: DUI/DWI, DUI Manslaughter, Grand Theft, Burglary, Drug Offenses, Aggravated Battery, Sex Offenses, Shoplifting, and many other offenses. Be prepared before you go to court know your rights. If you, a friend or a loved one are arrested or charged with a crime,look no further.

Family Law

Family law matters involve our court system and sometimes result in unavoidable litigation. At Providence Law Consult, we work closely with our clients to guide them through the court system and if necessary, represent them in court. We offer a professional, comfortable environment for parties to gather to resolve their dispute. The Firm also offers specialty mediation services in residential foreclosure mediation.


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